Superposition of theories related to the disparition of Ettore Majorana, reproduction of possible cigarette packs noted by Ettore Majorana made with the collaboration of Étienne Klein, series of aluminium masks made from MRI scan and anagram, 2017. 

En Collaboration avec Etienne Klein

Quantum physics transports us into incredible universes where, through wormholes and quantum tunnelling, the line separating the possible from the impossible becomes porous. But nothing can radically be destroyed: nothing can ever become absolutely nothing. 

But physicists sometimes disappear without a trace, carried away by a craving for permanent wandering. 

This was the case of Ettore Majorana, a brilliant theorist who evaporated one day in March 1938, at the age of thirty-one. Nobody knows what happened to him: suicide? flight to South America or a parallel universe? reclusion in a monastery? The young man orchestrated his disappearance so well that the mystery remains. It appears today as a quantum particle whose destiny superimposes a multitude of diff erent trajectories. None of the possible hypotheses about his disappearance can be considered more substantiated than the others, the only thing that can be said today is that he disappeared on a certain date (which is known), that he died on another date (which is not known), and that between these two events the course of his life could have followed a thousand and one different scenarios, all equally plausible, all of which are impossible to distinguish.[…]

Extract from The Macedonia’s philtre by Etienne Klein, 2017.

For the exhibition, Quantum information at Jérôme Poggi Gallery.