Interested in the accumulation of artistic gestures over time, I started studying Art History and Archeology at the University of Paris-Est. Having the desire to do research as much as making, I  finally studied at the Brest Art School (F)1. Feeling the importance of spatiality I develop since a sculptural and installation practice questioning the notion of Information, constituting of the understanding and projections that we have of reality. Narrative, historiography, anticipation and probabilities become development tools to articulate a practice based on case studies. This research brings me to look at various scientific and technical fields and establishes a practice punctuated of collaborations with artist, physicists (Etienne Klein), computer engineers, cartographers (Armelle Couillet) or architects (Brent Martin, Uri Wegman, Tiphaine Abenia) to mame a few.

In parallel of this practice, I curated several projects2 and developed reflexions on communities and inhabitation3. Experiments of living time in hostile environments (caves, deserts, etc.) over nearly a decade as well as the desire to built a place, make me collectively, design and self-build a vast shared atelier-house project for research and production near Geneva4. This initiative is driven at its core by a firm determination to perpetuate an artistic practice while sharing knowledge and know-how. This project, open in may 2022 is now functional and pursues recurring considerations on endemism, hence its name taken from the Bermuda archipelago or how an artist reacts to his systemic environments.

This experience leads me to develop these actions, politically and socially committed, on the scale of a wasteland area surrounding the bermuda site with the assistance of the agency Christophe Hutin Architecture (French Pavilion, Venetian Architecture Biennale 2021). At the heart of these gestures are the principles of observation of the existing, public garden and shared spaces.

In order to share these experiences, I accepted from 2019 to 2021 a teacher position in spatial design and architecture under the direction of Dieter Dietz at the EPFL5. The experience of pedagogy and the direction of a studio is reflected today in the structuring of a research team and in the establishment of a truant school focused on the study of Clouds6, whether meteorological, societal, philosophical, informational or technological.

Looking at various cases, to approach them obliquely in an attempt to grasp the issues, the complexity and the poetry of our projection of the world.

 1 École Supérieure d’Art de Brest, 2004-2009
2 Le Principe Galàpagos, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2013
3 Monstrare Camp, Dampierre sur Loire, 2012-2022
4 bermuda, Ateliers for research & production, Sergy, with Mathilde Chénin, Julien Griffit, Bénédicte le Pimpec & Guillaume Robert and the agency ACTM, Adrien Cuni and Thomas Mouillon
 5 Alice, Atelier de la conception de l’espace, EPFL, Lausanne, 2019-2021
6 Truant School, Visions of Clouds, with Tiphaine Abenia, Myriam Treiber & Uri Wegman, depuis 2021